Monday, November 9, 2009

White, Black and Red Kitchen Design ideas

Black and white kitchens look very modern and undoubtedly they are the most trendy ones, but sometimes they are too cold and sober. If you also think so then you could add any third color which won’t spoil modern look but make the kitchen more bright and fresh. Red color could become the best solution for that. New kitchen by Italian Cesar, Gio, is a perfect example of beautiful combination of black, white and red kitchen cabinets. Red color isn’t the main one but it amazingly accentuates this kitchen’s details. By adding several red appliances and decorative accessories you could get a cool, very stylish and modern kitchen design. If you are interested by this kitchen, which stands out not only by trendy color solution but also functional and practical design, then you could find more information about it on Cesar site.