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Kitchen wall color ideas - Kitchen colors

Selecting the kitchen wall colors is always a challenge. The kitchen walls tend to get spoiled most easily and maintaining the wall colors seems like an uphill task. But giving your kitchen a completely new look is most easily accomplished by the selection of the right wall colors only.

Kitchen wall color

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yellow kitchen

Most of the times there is hardly any wall space left after all the appliances and cabinets are in place. So here are some quick kitchen wall color tips to help you select the right colors for your walls. A simple re-painting can make your kitchen look more spacious, calming and give it a completely new look.Kitchen Colors

Kitchen Colors

Giving a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen walls is the easiest way to transform your kitchen look. Many interior designers suggest to go for “eggshell” paint that has a slight shine to it. One can also go for semigloss wall colors if you don’t have young kids and pets at home, as they are a bit difficult to maintain.

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If you want to have an airy and spacious look for your kitchen then go for light colors. Light colors tend to dry faster, giving a comfortable look to your kitchen. Traditional kitchen wall colors range from off whites to peaches. The only draw back is that light paint colors tend to get dirty easily. So regular maintenance is required. On the other hand if you are going for dark colors, then it will make the kitchen look warm and cozy. It is not the best choice for small and closed kitchens.

Kitchen colors

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Once the basic wall colors are in place, then trying one’s hand on the different faux-finish effects is not a bad idea. For example one can go for sponging or ragging effect for creating a feel of airiness and rustic charm.

Sometimes you are in an in-between position where a new look is required but painting is not essential. At such times, wall covers are a great option. The different wall coverings give a sense of depth and style to your kitchen. The best part is these wall coverings are sponge able and scrub able as well. Though this option can be a bit more expensive than kitchen wall colors, but it is great for getting that unique look for your kitchen.
Kitchen Wall Colors

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Paneling for Kitchens

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color styles

Right from contemporary type kitchen to the cabin style kitchens a simple wood paneling can create the right effect for your kitchen. Go for the natural wood tones to get a comfortable and refined look. Whitewashed wood also is a good option offering you a cottage look.

Kitchen Wall Tiles and wallpapers
Kitchen Wall Tiles

Classical Italian kitchens
If you just can’t decide on the right wall color for your kitchen, then putting tiles is also an available option. Ceramic tiles come in different colors and once they have been put, work out for a long time to come. These tiles are perfect to guard against water and moisture. So they are best put behind taps and sinks. Adding style and easy maintenance makes them a popular choice of today.

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