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Design Styles - Home Improvements Ideas

We would like to walk you through the following brief descriptions of the most popular interior design styles meant to give you an understanding and edge in choosing the look you would like your home to have.


MODERN design home improvement

Modernist designs are known for their purist sensibilities including clean lines, spaciousness, and efficiency. It is a very popular style in Europe and North American condo living due to the spaciousness that it emphasizes. There is the absence of moldings and corbels, yet presence of very subtle textures, and nothing that creates a busy look.

Modernist designs

Style is reflected through technological materials such as stainless steel, glass, plastic, smooth wood veneers and other sleek materials. High-gloss lacquer finishes, exotic wood veneers, and stainless steel accents create a high-tech look.
white modern kitchen interior designs and stylish homes

white modern Contemporary.jpg
Contemporary is of the moment. It is whatever’s different and what works for today. It’s uncluttered. Contemporary designs have some of the high-tech look and functionality of a modern design, but are not purist in style and design. One of the hallmarks of good contemporary design is its compatibility. In other words, pieces from different periods are combined to create a richer, more interesting look in a room.

Contemporary Double luxury house

In a contemporary space, it...s common to find a juxtaposition of styles such as an antique rug or historic wood table used with an ultra-modern sofa in a streamlined and technologically advanced space. All it takes is the confidence to play a little, and a new way of looking at things.

contemporary-kitchen-design-Linda Applewhite Images


Ornamental elements such as moldings and posts are commonly used in a traditional design to reflect timeless elegance and sophistication. The classical style is represented by crown moldings, light valences, raised panel doors, columns with ornaments, hardwood flooring, and rich materials such as tumbled

COUNTRY living room
country interior
The country style is a casual version of the traditional style. Materials that are hand made or

stylish country interior

have a hand made look are preferred and have more variation. Worn and weathered items are celebrated and remove formality for a space. Itâ..s all about comfort.

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Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

Designed by Daniele Lago, the futuristic, elegant and stylish kitchen 36E8 is an odd mixture of styles as its name indicates. The kitchen is designed in typical Italian style with plenty of bright shades, lots of glossy finishes and yet very modern and minimalistic approach towards the shelves and the space available. Despite its bright appearance, it is highly organized, can be altered to suit various needs and from what we understand, you can have your picnic lunch in it by just changing the flooring for the occasion! Spacious and sleek, 36E8 is a pretty modern and unique kitchen.

stylish kitchen

stylish italian kitchen

Italian kitchen designs

Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

Luxury Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades kitchen cabinets furnishing


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Tips for Decorating A Small Room

Do you have trouble or bemusement in decorating a small room? You may feel that there is not enough space for your personal belongings or collection, and it may looks cramped and disheveled.If so, start by thinking back to a room from your past that made you feel incredibly secure and happy.

Before you run off to the home decorating store, or start arranging your furniture, familiarize yourself with some of the basic principles you will want to adhere to when decorating your small space.

Storage is a necessity for all of us; unfortunately, it is often a big challenge when it comes to small spaces. But there are some unique ways that you can make the most out of your home’s storage space, without having to give up your much-valued living space. Begin by thinking of ways that you can sneak storage in. One of the best options is built-in cabinets and bookshelves. These storage areas are built right into the walls and don’t take up any extra floor space. They also add a sense of sleekness and style to any room.

Streamlined furnishings, mirror and glass emphasize available space. In order to visually expand a room's size, designers and architects include negative space (the areas of emptiness that surround furniture) wherever they can. By choosing furniture with legs rather than skirts, incorporating glass where possible, and adding reflective elements like mirror, crystal and silver to an interior, you can amplify available light and space to create an expansive feeling.

Color:One of the best ways to expand a space is with very clear colors(paint your house), says designer Mark McCauley, ASID, author of Interior Design for Idiots. "Choose a palette of sharper colors as opposed to duller ones. Sharp as in bright chintzes mixed with colorful plaids or really hot reds and electric blues, yellows and greens (with plenty of air between the pieces). Color combinations with negative space in between will enhance the space's clarity and openness."

Keep it Light.Dark rooms are not only depressing, but they also appear to be much smaller than they really are. To maximize your living space, make sure that your rooms are always filled with light. Instead of using drapes on your windows, consider using sheers that allow natural light in. Add mirrors to walls or shelving units to reflect light and space. Place several lamps around the room, including floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lights. This will help to add light at different levels throughout the room, giving everything a nice glow.

Please remember:
DO choose furniture that does double duty. A coffee table that rises to eating height, for instance, or a pair of console tables that can be pushed together to form an impromptu dining table.

DO use chairs rather than sofas for maximum flexibility.

DO consider a Murphy bed when a room has to accommodate an overnight guest.

DON'T opt for a sectional with arms, which limits the way it can be positioned.

DON'T overlook an island, which works not only in a kitchen but also in an office, laundry room or crafts room. Choose one with wheels; it can be set against a wall when not in use.

DON'T allow clutter from a home office to ruin the enjoyment of a room that's also used after business hours.

Ethno style - Luxury Interiors

East ethno style combines Japanese, Chinese and Indian, but preponderance is Japanese. Primary, which features Japanese. The motto at least things - maximum comfort. This environment creates style is ethno minimal in furniture and accessories prerequisites for achieving the perfect harmony between the inner and outer peace. This style requires large open spaces, with the only - the design elements and, of course, picturesque landscape around. Except in large provincial house with a garden or veranda, this style can be implemented in urban conditions.

Home in this style often not static walls and is divided into functional areas through mobile barriers, screens or curtains of paper or cloth. Need to be transmitted and functionality of the furniture. Rarity standards are tables, chairs and beds. Were replaced with tiny tables, sofas and low mat.
Furniture and decorations in this house must be of natural materials - wood, textiles, wicker, bamboo and others. Accessories reflect the traditional characters - characters and floral patterns.

brown bedroom

African style subject of wild passions. He is bright and aggressive. Its main manifestation is in the choice of colors - bright colors - Terra elevation, fire red, black. Respected and there are natural materials, but those who are more energy and originality - sandalovo darvom ivory, animal horns, etc. Bedroom Bedroom


Accessories here are bright and unique - masks, shamanski amulets, statues of deities, wooden sandacheta, traditional musical instruments, pottery, articles or krokodilska wake fur and feathers from exotic birds.
interior-web-cushions luxury-accessory.jpg
Moreover wooden furniture, African ethnic style is complemented with cast iron beds, crocheted seats and tables, curtains of palm leaves, etc. Establishing the typical atmosphere help primitive drawings in black and red.
Ethno style - Luxury Interiors
Skandinavskiyat interior style combines high - uneven achievements in the comfort of the North race. The interior is scanty - bleached wood floor, walls in priglusheni tones, rough wooden furniture.
Ethno style - Luxury Interiors skorpilova3.jpg
For the warmth of this style typical textile contributes to calm raztsvetki with bright floral motifs everywhere - from cases of chairs in the dining room, in bed linen, home to slippers. Here are the colors: blue, green and white in all combinations. When furniture is appreciated deluge, soft forms that create a feeling of softness and serenity in every detail. As a rule, accessories are hardly visible.

Would You Like to Live in House like that? Ethno style - Luxury Interiors

Ethno style - Luxury Interiors LV04_hs1VillaVistaDining_b.jpg
Ethno style - Luxury Interiors airplane interior

Trend architecture 2009 Glass house interior design

modern homes modern houseGreat modern livingroom

Beforehand, the place that had the construction of the building have material limited glasses to office buildings and the skyscraper building. Trend used glasses has dropped by at the world of property of the house remained. Currently, glasses became the structure of the core and the element of the design for many houses remained. The use of glasses, from the aspect of information, very useful because of helping delivered the direct light of the sun rays into the house. Glasses could make the house be seen wider than original him. The house remained that used glasses to most of his buildings brought natural flow from outside inside, so as to give nuances of peacefulness as well as the clarity

The use of glasses as the building materials was not as expensive if you used the concrete as the main wall of the house. Glasses could in-recycle. Apart from cheap, also very environment-friendly. The increase in the use of glasses as the construction base of the house together with in line with the increase in the production and the glasses technology personally. Initially the person hesitant to use glasses as the construction base of the house building because of seeming the danger broke. However, together with the increase in the sophistication of technology, glasses in the modern time like at this time could be made stronger, safer, and efficient for energy. Previously glasses in housing only were limited by window glasses, as the place outside-entered air and the light.


Now his use is made function as the element of interior architecture also the exterior. Glasses as the element of exterior architecture in part were applied in the face part of a building, the roof, sky walks, the entrance, the door proceeded, the canopy, winter the curtain, and glass house the cultivation of the crop. All that enabled the sun rays to be able to enter generously. The appearance of the exterior then was still being seen more unique. Now for the interior, glasses were used to the ladder of the house, the proceeding path, as well as the wall.

Often that happened in greenhouse architecture was the effect was inside out, like hot in the cold and cold season in the hot season. The profit has had the progress in the production industry of glasses that also gave benefit to us. Some for example to be glasses with the selective quality of the spectrum that channeled the light into the house without endangering or giving the loss to occupants of this house as well as the other whole household
modern homes modern houseGreat modern livingroom

sunny living room


Modern Beach house interior design photos collection

Modern beach house designed to get maximum environmental comfort, optimize the The_beach_house_style modern and minimalistbeach views and open plan living room. It’s a contemporary residence with bedrooms, a study and rumpus room, and a master bedroom retreat. The main living area level extends from front terrace, overlooking the beautiful beach, through to a rear landscaped courtyard and swimming pool. A modern beach house use beautiful architecture, and built near beach. This house was built for get relax .

great luxury stylish living room

Beach House Design by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino, Luxury House Design, House Design, Interior House Design

The modern beach house complete with modern bar, living room and dining area and numerous bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate the entire family. The house has a large living room with spectacular west-facing views of the water and sunset and beautiful beach. We can see he carport and the living areas with amazing beach views This contemporary beach house with views and habitable outdoor spaces alternately protected from and catching sun and wind were a priority.

wooden modern house

living room furnitures
bedroom decorations

Trend furniture 2009 :Modern minimalist furniture will be the new trend 2009

The new trend furniture always develop like trend interior. Recently we meet many style and design innovative furniture and comfortable for room interior. Many choosing furniture materials that used by furniture designers. Need to change interior decorating in our house usually depend on recent trend furniture, or give new impression in our room interior. Many furniture designers predicted in 2009 the trend furniture still modern minimalist style.

The choose modern minimalist furniture cause they look side of practice, efficient, and simply. With furniture modern minimalist people will be easy to decorate their home and home accessories. The style of modern minimalist is use motif line and cubes and simple. Design modern minimalist furniture liked many family because that modern minimalist furniture will be trend in 2009.

white sofa greatmodern luxury style living room decorations


color living room
great modern dining room


Bright Ideas for decorations

I received the latest issue of House Beautiful in the mail last night. This month's issue features, kaarsKoker, A Seattle-based company founded by April Pride Allison. The idea is absolutely brilliant! After ordering tons of light fixtures for her clients, Allison grew disillusioned by the cheap plastic sleeves that often come with certain types of light fixtures and decided to do something about it. In September of 2008, she launched kaarsKoker, which means "candle sleeve" in Dutch. Her collection features a broad spectrum of chic patterns and solid colors in 4 inch and 6 inch lengths. As if that were not enough, they are affordable, too ranging from $12 to $23 per pair.






All images via kaarsKoker