Friday, March 19, 2010

Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

There are many ways to decorate your living room. As this is usually the room where a family entertains guests and spends time together, much thought usually goes into the design. Sometimes, however, inspiration is hard to come by. Here are a few living room decorating ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Determine your design style. Look through home decorating magazines and see what you like. You may have thought that you were a country gal, but find yourself drawn to the clean lines of a modern design. Even if you like both styles, you can mix them to create a style that is your own. You can choose country items that have a more modern edge, and modern design pieces with country flair. This way you can achieve a look that you love without settling on one style.

2. One living room decorating idea that is sure to spice up your space is to choose a bold wall color. Many people shy away from saturated colors, but these are the very hues that can make a dramatic statement about your personality. If you do not want to paint all of the walls in your living room a bold color, you can paint an accent wall. These walls are great to make an impression without overwhelming the room. You can then use accessories to tie the color into the rest of the room.

3. Updating your window treatments will also go a long way towards improving the atmosphere. Choose drapes or curtains that compliment the design style you have chosen for the rest of your room. Using rich looking fabrics on the windows will add a feeling of luxury to your room, and help to bring all of your living room decorating ideas together.

Beauty Home Decoration Photo

Are your bathroom wall tiles rather dated? Does your shower cubicle lack sparkle? Grubby grout lines in your kitchen? In these credit crunchy times you can still decorate with ease when you “do it yourself”.

Plastic wall tile panels offer a quick and easy solution to your tiling problems.

You don’t have to chip off your old ceramic wall tiles or call in a professional tiler.

Plastic tile panels can quickly cover whole wall areas. They can be cut with scissors or a craft knife to go around sink fittings or sockets giving a very professional finish.

Plastic tile panels offer a hard, glazed surface with fully glazed edges providing a neat finish to walls and window sills; they can even be bent around outside corners. The high gloss finish of some tiles come in a range of colours – plain, marble, metallic and stone effects which complement all of the current bathroom and kitchen trends. They are easy to clean – simply wipe them with a damp cloth or you can use warm water with soap / a detergent, then rinse and wipe dry. No scouring powders or any other abrasives should ever be used on plastic.

Interior White Decorating Bedroom

As well all know the bedroom should be one of the most relaxing areas in our homes and those whose bedrooms feel disordered may find it difficult to sleep. In fact when redesigning your bedroom it should be a place of peace and relaxation and the ideas provided below for your bedroom interior decorating design should help you to achieve this.

In fact the biggest problem you have may when looking at bedroom interior decorating ideas is not that you can not find any ideas but narrowing down to the ones you want from a list you would like to use.

Today there are bedroom decorating ideas everywhere you can find inspiration in a magazine, on TV, through a display in a store or catalogs or from the internet. What you must do is decide what you really want in your bedroom. For most people they want some where that they can relax and will want to use relaxing colours in this room.

So if you are looking for a relaxed feeling to your room then avoid bright reds and yellows instead go for either a deep maroon or pale yellow instead. The whole idea is to make the room relaxing to your eye and not energizing or bright.

Another bedroom interior decorating idea you may want to consider is to use wall paper rather than paint. There are many different patterns to choose from but it is important that you look for one that is soothing and easy on the eyes and not bright or noisy. There are many unique wallpaper designs now available its all a case of spending time and looking around to see what you like.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fantatic Wholesale Home Decor New Exclusive

Bamboo home decor has quickly emerged as the premier material for not only African home decor, but other home decor as well. It’s a material whose time as come. I’ll explore the many benefits and inroads bamboo continues to make in the home decor industry.

Thanks to modern processing methods, literally every room in your home can incorporate some form of decor using a bamboo theme. Whether it’s bamboo wall decor, window covering, floors, or furniture, bamboo adds an exotic look to any home interior.

Bamboo home accents compliment African home decor, adding just the right touch of adventure and intrigue to any indoor or outdoor space. Like most African interior designs, bamboo is adaptable, versatile and timeless beauty. In addition, it requires a minimum of care to continue giving the indoor or outdoor area of your home that exotic look.

As an environmental asset bamboo sits at the top of the list of conservationist, ecologist and environmentalist. Why? Because it’s the fastest growing tree on earth. That makes the popular plant plentiful, quickly replaceable, and highly green - environmentally. All qualities ecologists, conservationists, and environmentalists love.

Yes, with a growing demand for conservation and attention to the environment, bamboo interior related products continue to increase in popularity and demand. Bamboo continues at the forefront of the “green” building, room design, and home decor movement - including African decor and accessories.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Interesting Interior Design IDEAS

Posted: 01 Mar 2010 03:28 AM PST

 9 Structural Design Tips for Minimizing Earthquake Damage
As you all know, recently there have been a few natural events that shook the world yet once again. The massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile not too long ago and the one in Haiti on January 12 left us helpless in this ongoing confrontation between man and nature. We know we can not do anything from preventing a phenomenon of this proportions, but let’s see if there is a way we can minimize the damage when it comes to building a home.
life1 9 Structural Design Tips for Minimizing Earthquake Damage
Almost 2600 earthquakes occur in a day across the globe, most of them which we do not feel. However, the buildings with a weak structure take on significant damage, at really low magnitudes. This should not happen- mainly because when the building is shaky, people’s lives are in danger.
earthquakehouse 9 Structural Design Tips for Minimizing Earthquake Damage
We gathered up a list of structural design tips that you should take into consideration when building a home in an area affected by seismic actions.
  • First of all, you should know no architecture plan is full-proof. Still, when is comes to building a home in an earthquake area, its shape should be as aerodynamic as possible.
  • The foundation of the house should be placed on leveled ground.
  • Keep in mind that regular shapes are a lot more stable than unusual ones.
  • The material used should be concrete and fiber glass and  as these are the best and most resistant materials in the construction field.
  • The overall building project should be very stable- this means that its center of gravity should always be in the same exact pin point location. You can achieve this by consulting with a professional architect in this matter.
  • Cantilevers should not have more than 3-4 feet in length or they should be avoided altogether.
  • Columns are very dangerous and could easily collapse causing a lot of harm, which is why the distance between them should be as small as possible.
  • Avoid fires and accidents which occur due to a bad electrification plan by installing a main switch and circuit breakers.
  • Careful with the spearhead water tanks- as they affect the building’s stability.  It is advisable that you use more than one tank and that you place them in different locations not to affect the center of gravity.
We hope we have provided you with a minimum amount of information in order to get you started with your building plans. If you have any other tips that you would like to share, you are welcomed to leave a comment.
Posted: 02 Mar 2010 09:55 AM PST

 Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?
Located in Atlantic Beach, New York, this impressive display of architecture comes from Belmont Freeman Architects and is a symbol of modern design. In a community of 1920’s and 30’s homes, this project comes to break the pattern and impose contemporaneity. We are not fond of this idea, however the building team considers that the the Kowalewski residence remains “respectful of the scale and architectural traditions of the community”. Overall, we think the house has some pretty cool architecture features, such as the irregular shape or the vertical window section which brakes monotony and seems to split the building in two unequal parts. The round window is also of great aesthetic effect. Still, in our opinion, homes should lose the rigid feel and stick to a design that inspires a homey atmosphere. What do you think about this idea?-via Arch Daily

Kowalewski Residence
Impressive Architecture

Belmont Freeman

1267123445 freeman atlantic dusk2 Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?

1267123499 freeman atlantic roofdeck Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?

1267123469 freeman atlantic lr Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?

1267123516 freeman atlantic stair 665x1000 Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?

1267124007 ground floor plan 772x1000 Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?

1267124017 second third floor plan 772x1000 Kowalewski Residence, A Rigid Place to Live In Or A Cool Modern House?
Posted: 02 Mar 2010 09:21 AM PST

 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs
Having a house make-over and need a fresh approach? We would like to display a fabulous stair collection from Siller stairs, an Italian company with plenty of experience and impressive designs. From classic and classy wood to the more modern glass, the stairs below are all a showcase f elegance and originality. Some of them have a futuristic look, with the stairs surrounding an axis, others are just plain stylish. Most of the models are custom made. The owner can have his say concerning the shape and size of the product, as well as its design. We think this is the strongest feature of the company- their connection to the consumer. Feeling inspired?
Contemporary Stairway Models

Siller Stairs

modern stairs

Pentagon excl.1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Mistral Raffaela 21 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Mistral Raffaela1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Mistral glass stair1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Mistral glass design1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Mistral Coulson1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Mistral bogen1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Europa gew. acryl1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

DSC009031 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Azzolini 8 klein1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Azzolini 21 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

Azzolini 1 klein1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs

siller 318 klein1 16 Contemporary Stairway Models From Siller Stairs
Posted: 02 Mar 2010 03:33 AM PST

 Innovative Architecture: Barn Turned Into A Work Studio
Do you enjoy unusual transformations? Nicolas Tye Architects came up with one that teaches us something about innovative architecture. Long Barn Studio is the name of the building below and it was raised on the ruins of an old barn measuring a total surface of 2,200 square feet. The place has an interesting architecture and it manages to blend in its environment. You would probably expect an office building to have a certain height and a futuristic look, but the architects over at Nicolas Tye thought of messing with this pattern. However, if the exterior is somewhat peaceful and not very flashy, all the high-tech and modern stuff is located inside, in the actual work studio. And what a great place take inspiration from!-via Arch Daily

No matter how doll and common a room is, adding some color could do wonders. Today we would like to display a selection of fresh and playful interiors that could really turn a place around in a positive way. Green, purple, strong blue and fresh green, they are all there. Normally, this association of colors is not very recommended. They are all very powerful, which means that mixing them could easily lead to a poor design. Fortunately this is not the case in the pictures below. These interiors are cool and full of life. Alongside the nasty but tasteful color association there are plenty of appealing decorating items which we hope will inspire you.-via Deco Fabulous
Fresh Interiors

colorful rooms

Playful Interiors

alec hemer AL ED2 25 Fresh and Playful Interiors : Up For Some Color?

1st option the perch 01 Fresh and Playful Interiors : Up For Some Color?

lucas allen 2 Fresh and Playful Interiors : Up For Some Color?

keith scott morton  Fresh and Playful Interiors : Up For Some Color?

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