Monday, November 9, 2009

Perfect Day

Do you ever have one of those days when things just move along seamlessly, that everything is fun, and you are just happy? I had one of those days on Saturday.

I met up with my new friend, Christopher to head up to Book Thing. Christopher had a HUGE box of books to donate, so we chucked them into the back of the Volvo and headed up with Connor riding shotgun.perfect day I always admonish people not to go to Book Thing expecting to find the exact book they’re looking for, since everything there is up to chance.

As I’ve mentioned before, the books are categorized, but they’re not in any order. Christopher was looking for Life of the Party, the book about Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman, and within two minutes, we found it. Then Christopher found the issue of Baltimore Magazine which had featured him as one of the top young interior designers, which I hadn’t seen.

Life of the partyWe headed back downtown to go to Housewerks, which was featured in Daily Candy DC last week. The mention multiplied their web traffic by several hundred times! Since we knew that the owners would have been busy, we stopped to pick up lunch for everyone in hopes that they’d be able to take a brief respite and have a hot drink and lunch. perfect day 001We arrived at Housewerks during a brief lull in the traffic and had a fun, chatty break with like-minded friends. Since Christopher hadn’t been to Housewerks, he was thrilled to have time to explore the space and check out all of their incredible treasures, like the faience light above.

The late afternoon light was gorgeous and provided some opportunities to take lovely pictures, both inside the building, 

perfect day 005 perfect day 006

and out.perfect day 012As we were exploring the grounds, we found the resident tomcat curled up in a pile of leaves taking a late afternoon snooze. perfect day 010To catch the best of the late afternoon light, we headed over to Mount Clare Mansion which looks out over Baltimore’s downtown.  The light just warmed the old bricks of the mansion perfect day 020and glowed in the windows of the office buildings in the distance.perfect day 017 Mount Clare is the only remaining Georgian plantation house in Baltimore City and it retains much of its former glory. I particularly love this door, which would have originally been at the back of the house. perfect day 015 I hope that you had a perfect weekend, too!

We’re heading up to NYC on Tuesday to have lunch with our friend Roopa who was on Jeopardy last week and to do some errands.