Friday, November 21, 2008

Postapocalyptic Edwardian Croquet

A group of urban explorers donned their best Edwardian gear for a game of croquet in an abandoned Packard factory in Detroit.

Hmm, formal dinner in an abandoned missle silo? High tea at a clandestine WWII ammo base?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bathroom Chandeliers

Apartment Therapy is showing off some recent work for a client where they used a chandelier in a half bath. Using chandeliers in unexpected places has been becoming popular as of late.

Chandeliers appear in small hallways with high ceilings, bedrooms and bathrooms. I posted a few months ago where I took an old chandelier and repurposed it into a bedside swag lamp.

This same idea could translate over to a number of decor styles. A more Victorian style chandelier, Arts & Crafts style rustic swag light fixture or a gothic styled fixture. I frequently find gothic styled units at architectural salvage stores from old churches. If your unable to change light fixtures in your space the corded swag conversion mentioned in my post would be an ideal option in places where moisture and water are not in the picture.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Some men still aim to dress well, Dandyism appears to be making a comeback. I am not complaining. Going out can be such a disappointment when you make an effort, go somewhere nice only to see guys in shorts, flip flops and baseball hats. I recently attended a wedding were a number of people showed up in disturbingly inappropriate dress. Haynes sweats and rubber flip flops are not proper attire for attending a wedding.

The resurgence covers everything from the Victorian aesthetic to modern day dress.
Style doesn't stop at your home so check out and

Modern Eclectic and Traditional Kitchen Pictures

Kitchens, Eclectic, Southern Living

Traditional kitchenContemporary KitchensKitchens, Traditional, Southern Living
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Donovan Designs Art Lighting

Art Donovan's current collection of art lighting is extremely diverse and creative, spanning everything from mod to Tiffany. He also boasts an impressive clientele list.

I am quite in awe of both the skill and composition in Art's work.

This hanging fixture really caught my eye. It is an interesting mix of old gothic and something more modern. It would look great over a kitchen island or large table.

The hanging fixture feels almost mid century and slightly gothic. I love the burl wood styled sides that seem to glow themselves.

This very simple pendant lamp by Leslie Tarbell Donovan is rather neat. The pattern inside the lampshade outlined in metallic sets off a basic shade shape.

This idea opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Check out more at Donovan Design

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kitchens - Prado and Primo Design

Kitchens - Prado and Primo Design

Prado 711 - Modern und praktisch!

The composition of this kitchen is primarily based on the optimal use of space. This translates to plenty of storage possibilities for all your kitchen utensils in a stylish ambience.


Primo 640 - "Coffee and Milk".

Another kitchen design suggestion with a decor mix. Cappuccino high gloss and the new wood décor Brazil present a stunning colour harmony with the glass door wall units with hinge-up flap, forming a transparent cooking area surround.

Kichen Design
Primo 641 - Modern white kitchens reflect an attitude about life.

This spacious kitchen suggestion exudes plenty of light, air and good vibes with the Primo range in High

Gloss White.

Kitchen Picture

Primo 642 - Italian ars vivendi.

You love the out-of-the-ordinary? The modern furnishings of our neighbours in the Mediterranean fascinate you again and again? Then you will be thrilled by Primo in black high gloss.

Kitchen tips
Primo 643 - Cosy, discreet, brillant, perfect

Our range of high gloss fronts has become much more versatile. With new, subtle colours that can be wonderfully combined with worktop and panel decors an reproductions.

Ideas for Kitchen
Primo 671 - Creating Exquisite

Highlights This design suggestion shows that bright high gloss fronts perfectly complement light wood colours such as, e.g. light maple. Just the thing for anyone who prefers a stylish, up-to-the-minute kitchen design.

Kitchens Design
Primo 715 - Refreshingly unconventional

Uncompromising kitchen architecture. Geometric in its combination, almost the character of a commercial kitchen in the classical Bauhaus style. The division into various activity areas is a logical conclusion with this exclusive kitchen design.

Prado and Primo Kitchen Design

Primo 717 - There are no limits to your fantasy!

With the new, 5 cm thick uprightsyou can design to your heart's content. And not only in the kitchen, but also in the adjacent living areas. This is how you create a unique kitchen that no one else has

All Kitchens

Primo 719 - The elegant side of primo

Not everyone possesses such a large kitchen floor plan as shown here with this Primo kitchen in Basalt grey high gloss. However, this refined impression can also be realised in smaller areas, because it is not the size of the kitchen that matters here, but the clever combination of the high gloss surface exuding contemporary cool with the brillant/glossy accents of the technical equipment.

Kitchens - Pia Series


Pia 345 - More than just "technically modern"!

Due to its extensive selection of front variations, this kitchen appeals to a wide spectrum of tastes in the area of modern, natural kitchens. The new pastel shade polar blue is refined and contemporary, and combines beautifully with the stone grain wo


Pia 530 - Planned comfort.

The design of the kitchen shown here clearly underlines comfort. The individual function areas are separate so as to guarantee an organised kitchen working sequence. The centre is the island cooker arrangement with bordering table.

Kitchens - Pia Series

Pia 537 - A breakfast bar/dining area as designed by an interior architect.

You want a breakfast bar/dining area nobody else has? No problem. With state-of-the-art machines we produce add-on tables, bars and dining tables according to your requirements, using a perfected, computer-controlled operating technology.

Kitchen idea

Pia 538 - A supplement to a successful kitchen family.

New decors and colours make our successful Pia range even more lively. This task is easy to achieve, because the plain, neutral

Pia 539 - Being creative was never this easy.

The flexibility of this system is an invaluable advantage, which allows most kitchens to be planned and realized without any problematic special productions.

Pia 638 - A pinch of lifestyle paired with a good shot of functionality.

This highly organised functional kitchen in Carbon Metallic surprises with its many cleverly arranged details: Built-in shelves, compact tall unit section, Maxi base units for the sink area, recessed shelf units beneath wall units, and the island solution for the dining are

Pia 669 - Colours bring life into your kitchen.

This kitchen design suggestion is ideal for those who like it colourful. Not only is this very trendy, but you also reveal your attitude to life in general: Optimism, dynamics, modern lifestyle

Pia 672 - Sweet temptation.

A further variation from the Pia range is shown here from its simpler side - in all its natural splendor. This model kitchen has a light and fresh appearance thanks to the combination of Cafe Latte with Noce.

Pia 674 - In harmony with quality home living

Our succesful Pia series is presented here in Lifestyle appearance with just a hint of Italian flair. Worktops, cover panels and uprights in Olive High Gloss Reproduction decor harmonise with the fronts in Café latté.