Monday, March 1, 2010

Luxury of Interior Room Decorating

Most of us care about our homes and tries to make them as nice as possible. If you want to decorate your home with success and really become clever in interior decorating you should know the basic interior decorating tips as well as the three elements of success that apply to any interior decorating program. This helps you to create rooms that are welcoming and harmonic for everybody. The elements I am talking about are:

the function,

the mood and

the harmony.

The Function

Any room in a house has to be functional. If not it will be of no use to anybody. Only if it functions according to its' purpose it will be enjoyed. Functional actually means that the room should serve a purpose and be comfortable to perform that function inside the room.

A living room is an example of a functional room. Some living rooms are so decorated and pristine, they are never used. It should not be like that. This is, to put it plainly, an interior decorating failure. A functional living room should be in a manner that it is used for greeting and entertaining guests and providing a space for family members to interact, relax and share quality time together. This makes it a functional room because it has a purpose and use. keep this function in mind while decorating a functional room like a living room.

The Mood

The next of the three elements of successful interior decorating is the Mood. If the mood of a room is to be relaxing and peaceful, such as a bedroom, then everything in the room will work toward this mood. If you want a room to be high energy, such as an office or game room, then the elements applied to the decoration and design will set this mood. If you want a room to be bright an airy, then colors and treatments will focus toward this mood. You should know the mood for which that room is created. Then accordingly you have to decorate it. The decoration should be in such a way that it brings the desired mood to the person in that room.