Saturday, December 19, 2009

interior design

Maxey Hayse Hospitality Design Studios is a complete interior design center. We offer commercial interior design services for the tri-state area. Our interior design firm is located in New Jersey just outside New York City. We also offer commercial interior design services for locations outside of NYC and NJ.

If you're going to build or renovate a restaurant, retail store, lounge, nightclub or cafe your general contractor will need a set of scaled construction documents, often called working drawings. If there are structural issues these drawing's will need an architect's approval. These documents can be drafted on a CAD system or hand renderings (now considered obsolete) and consist of space plans, elevations, concepts, schedules and details. We use state of the art duel processing computer systems for these processor intensive applications. These drawings are generally prepared by several design consultants and field engineers, integrated into one set for submittal to your local building and health department for review. We use video tapes, digital cameras, site visits, Ipix tours, email, CAD files, extensive conference calls and architectural drawings to communicate with our client and cut back on travel expenses when possible. Assisting general contractors and alternate tradesmen throughout the entire design/build process.