Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bathroom Stand Out With Creative Decor

Start out with looking around the rest of your house. What you’ve done in different rooms in the house many times can apply to the bathroom as well. For example, every living room has some kind of low table to hold magazines or books. Why not put something like that in the bathroom? After all, I loved my Reader’s Digest and everyone could use a good yarn to distract them from their real purpose in the john.

On the same token, when you come across a great idea for the bathroom in your decorating research, know that you can many times apply the same idea to your house. Do you like that cobalt blue tile in the bathroom? Why not try it in your kitchen instead of the dull white tiles? Why should we settle for the mundane in one room when we can apply the same creative ideas to all rooms?

Bathroom decorating ideas can stretch all across the room, from top to bottom. Consider the flooring and using decorative tiles, carpeted areas, or flashy linoleum. The tiles on the sink can match or contrast with the tiles on the floor for effect. Besides just this hardware, a variety of other elements exist. Consider how you want your soap to look. Do you want to use a fancy soft soap dispenser, or maybe you want to consider one of the many creative soap dishes available on the market. Maybe you want to even make your own soap dish. Consider fashioning one out of clay in your desired shape to work with the rest of the bathroom decor.