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Tuscan style - Tuscan kitchens

A Tuscan style kitchen is exactly what we need to give your apartment Sunny and warm feel of the Mediterranean Sea throughout the year.

classic Tuscan style kitchenGreat Tuscan Kitchen

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Tuscan cuisine is traditionally located in a villa or a house nestled in the Tuscan landscape, including a pencil-thin pine, olive groves, fields of lavender and lavish vineyards. The scene is idyllic, you can still reproduce it anywhere.

You can achieve this effect with very little additional cost, but their planning should include the following reasons ... materials, furniture, colors and accessories.

materials, furniture, colors and accessories.Tuscan Kitchens

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The atmosphere is one of comfort and warmth. Distinctive elements of the region are evident in materials used. Conversation and colors are rich and attractive. The kitchen is a functional one. It can even include a wood pizza oven! Italian cuisine is a ritual that deserves time and space to run properly.

Tuscan Kitchen Furniture
Tuscan Kitchen Furniture
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Tuscan kitchens

Large wooden table, where everyone can sit around the main function. Open cabinets, cupboards and shelves should be strong and healthy. Baskets, hand painted plates, jugs and platters are stored on these and serve as decorative items when not in use.
Seating is simple but comfortable ... genuine Italian meal takes a long time to eat!

Kitchen Materials
yellow kitchen cabinets materialsKitchen Cabinets

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The materials are local and have a very romantic look that improves the charm of Tuscan cuisine. Wood is used for island bench or table, often oak or pine, ... usually painted a dark color. "A" distressed "or" shabby-chic "look gives authenticity.

Walls are often painted in rich red, Siena, or strong yellow or terracotta. Often paintings are added ... you can do one of the Tuscan countryside, if you are a little artistic. Just paint over wallpaint using acrylic paints and some gilding, perhaps.

Flooring is made of tiles - terracotta or clay. Plates are usually larger. Another favorite is ceramic tile. Italian ceramics are perhaps the best in the world. Often hand-painted and with the participation of friezes and motifs in brilliant design and present a landscape tiles are truly stunning film. Use them in desktop, backsplash or wall around the mirror if you can not have them on the floor. Kitchen Wooden floors can be left for common effect.
Kitchen wooden FlooringKitchen wooden Flooring Picture source: http://www.housetohome.co.uk
Your sink can be white pottery, but you can also have one bowl sink type copper country.
Have much natural light as possible.
Wrought iron is a traditional art in Italy, and it often functions in decorative hooks and shelves that serve as storage and hanging space in the kitchen. To perform this element through the design, add wrought iron pulls and handles for your drawers and your lighting.

kitchen lighting

Tuscan Kitchens Accessories
wooden Tuscan Kitchens Accessories  country-kitchen2.jpg
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Persian rugs to add warmth to the floor and color to complement those used elsewhere.
Copper pots and utensils, espresso coffee light and add sparkle to this style of kitchen.
Baskets #, strings of garlic and fresh herbs in pots and other elements of Tuscan cuisine.

 wooden kitchen cabinets -country-cabin-kitchen-ll.jpgwooden Kitchen
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Sepia, Siena and Terra are all the colors of this region. Use a neutral palette, or use bright colors reflect the rural and ocean. You should see which colors blend or contrast with the natural materials used on your floor, countertop and furniture.

kitchen wall colors

If you think, daunted about how to include enough to develop a Tuscan theme, go and look in the Italian style Restuarants get a feel for the type of accessories and materials for inclusion in this beautiful style.

Tuscan kitchen style - Colors, Furniture, Materials and Accessories

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