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Kitchen Wall Colors - Kitchen Decoration ideas

Here's some kitchen wall decorating ideas that will add splash to your kitchen but not break your budget. Your walls are probably the biggest area in your kitchen so you want them to have some special pizzazz. Whether you have a special theme in mind or just updating your look, these ideas below might be able to get you started

Kitchen Wall Colors

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas Showcase
Kitchen Wall Colors
Decorative Kitchen plates
One of my favorite kitchen wall decorating ideas is to use colorful dinnerware or plates. You can hang them on fancy wrought iron hangers that cost about $20.00 each or just buy inexpensive spring type hangers for a couple of bucks. If you have a theme going, you can get plates to match the theme or if your decorating scheme is more about color, you can get bold colorful plates to match. Why not add interest with a plate collection? You can group plates with a certain theme like perhaps, plates with birds on them or plates with cats or even plates with scenes of your hometown. Plates can be bought cheaply at yard sales, flea markets and even online.
Kitchen Wall Colors - Kitchen Decoration ideas
Old Family photos
If you have some old photos of your ancestors laying around what better way to display them and add to your kitchen décor than to put them in some nice antique looking frames and arrange them on the wall. You Should Remodel Your Kitchen
Of course, this is one of those kitchen wall decorating ideas that doesn't go with every decorating scheme but if you have a Victorian, old world, tuscan, country or even French country style kitchen, you can buy new frames that match the style and add part of your heritage to your décor.
Kitchen Wall Colors
Kitchen Wallpaper borders
Wallpaper borders are an inexpensive and easy way to add a little zip to your walls. You can even add them in with any of these other kitchen wall decorating ideas for some added zest. Wallpaper borders can be run at the top of the wall, the backsplash, or chair rail height.
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Kitchen Decoration ideas

7 way to store kitchen containers - kitchen cabinetsYou can buy borders in every style imaginable and if you like shopping online you will find a much larger selection on the internet than you would in your local stores.
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Architectural pieces
This is one of the more expensive kitchen wall decorating ideas but one of my favorites and doesn't have to cost a lot if you shop wisely. Depending on your kitchen decorating scheme, you might want to add some iron grates, wooden columns or fancy metal architectural pieces to your walls. Just hang them up like pictures and they make a unique and unusual display. You can go with lacy metal pieces for Victorian or shabby chic décor (you can even paint them white or any color you want). Kitchen Wall Colors
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Some old heating grates in fancy designs or those architectural stars that hang on old buildings might be nice for a country look. You can use wooden pieces from old houses, porch railings or even colums (you can cut them in half lengthwise and make them look like they are holding up the wall! You can shop for these architectural pieces at flea markets and in antique shops but you can also buy reproduction pieces online at a fraction of the cost with the same look.Kitchen Decoration ideasContemporary kitchen
Faux painting
Faux painting is one of the least expensive kitchen wall decorating ideas and will make a huge change. Paint is rather inexpensive and you need only invest some time into learning the techniques. You can even get free instruction on faux painting at Home Depot or here online. I recommend practicing on large pieces of cardboard before you apply your new skills to your walls!
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If you have spent hours scouring the local stores for perfect the perfect wall decor, then why not try the internet? It lends itself quite nicely to purchasing decor and you get
delivery right to your door!Kitchen Decorating Themes - Kitchen Ideas You can find a much larger selection than you would locally and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private. Kitchen Cabinet Colors
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