Sunday, November 22, 2009

Italian Design: A Tradition of Excellence

Italian design is a brand in itself. Through its long tradition of knowing, recognizing and creating beauty, Italy has become one of the countries best known for its designing capabilities. Designing in Italy has come to stand for quality, durability, simplicity, functionality and a whole host of other attributes.The rest of the world can only aspire towards them, and follow Italy's example.
Design by Fabio Novembre, Italy

Design by Fabio Novembre, Italy

Italy can boast of some of the best minds of all time when it comes to designing. Leonardo da Vinci was not only a genius at art, some of his designs for various devices are being studied by scientists even today.

Italian designers uphold the tradition of ingenuity and innovation passed on to them down the generations: be it a home, a piece of furniture, a textile, a garment, or a car, Italians continue to create and compete with some of the best in the field.

When entering the field of design, the biggest advantage an Italian design company has over others is the access it has to craftsmanship and skills. When combined with modern technology, these tricks of the trade, or trucchi del mestiere, can produce marvels.

Designs by Achille Castiglioni

Designs by Achille Castiglioni, Italy

Modern Italians are also attracted to simplicity and minimalism. Through their inherent eye for the purity of line, they can find beauty in balance, or lack thereof. This minimalism also befriends them to the world, because the uncluttered, fresh image created by Italian design is the very essence of modernity.

But this does not mean that Italian design eschews tradition. Rather, modern Italian designers embrace the old look. But they add to it a whimsical touch of the contemporary, creating absolute magic in the process. Italian design would forever be grateful for the legacy of those like Achille Castiglioni and Carlo Mollino.

And they do not stop there. Not only does Italian design look good, it feels great, works well, and lasts long. In this section, we will present articles on how Italy has contributed to the world of design in the past, and its potential for future development.

Introduction by: Damyanti Ghosh September 2009