Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Mexico City Colours


Yesterday was my first day in Mexico City.  I have to say that I am really excited to be back in my country, to see family and friends and to enjoy what my country has to offer.  One of my favourite things in Mexico are the colours of my country which have been the link that have reconnected myself with my  own roots. 


Every time I ‘m back in Mexico City I noticed big changes in the city,  but maybe the nostalgic moment of the time was bringing back great memories of my childhood.


Today I want to share a different eye candy of the week.  Today’s candy is the vibrancy of the colours in my culture.  These are the colours you can see in one day.


Ciudad de Mexic 002 Morning Market in Anzures


Ciudad de Mexic 020Sculpture in Paseo de la Reforma


Ciudad de Mexic 052 Pedro Friedberg’s Ultrafamousr Hand Chair Sculpture


Ciudad de Mexic 047 Angel of the Independence – Paseo de la Reforma


Ciudad de Mexic 061“El Caballto” by Sebastian


Ciudad de Mexic 072 Day of the Death Altar – Downtown


Ciudad de Mexic 091 Mexican Dolls


Ciudad de Mexic 101My dessert of the day – Coconut Créme Caramel 


Ciudad de Mexic 104 Handmade Embroidery