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This is the 19th inspiration of the bedroom design. Does it look like a living room? Look closer… It is a bedroom that design with the concept of 2 in 1. A bedroom integrated with sofa, TV, and etc. However, you can also see there is a bed and it ...
This is the 18th inspiration of the bedroom design. This is a very simple but harmony design. This inspiration is suitable mostly to small rooms. As you can see the space for the bed is quite small there. However, the room design has made the room l ...
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This is the 17th inspiration of the bedroom design. The theme color it used here is the combination of green and white. It looks so natural and relaxing just like being in a forest. The feeling is so relieving. It looks so good too by putting some p ...

This is the 16th inspiration. This is a great design for a girl’s room. The theme uses pink as the main color. Pink will be all time favorite for girls. The most special part will be the fur carpet under the bed. It is so classy and elegant. Th ...Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Idea for a Small Spaces

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This is the 15th inspiration. This is a great design for a guy’s room. The theme is using blue as the main color. The most special part will be the drawing on the wall. It goes well with the color of the bed and other furniture greatly. The sof ...Bedroom Inspiration
This is the 14th inspiration. This is another yellow and green theme color. The combinations are great and attractive. The colors make the room pretty refreshing and reviving. I like 3 round glasses on the table for decoration. It looks cool! It se ...

This is the 13th inspiration. It is a cute design. For we the part that I refer the most will be the cabinets. It has light shine out from inside. It looks so classy. Besides, the table lamp is also very special as the whole table is a lighten like ...

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The 12th inspiration is specially design for youthful girls. It used the red and white as the theme color and it matched tremendously. From what you can see, just by the red stripes pillow cases, some red carpet and the red blanket, it have make the ...Modern Bedroom Interior Design

The 11th inspiration is using the lavender theme. It gives natural and relaxing feeling just like the main function of the lavender. It will release all your stress and the pressure of the day. The purple color is so light and sweet. Besides, there ...bedroom design - Bedroom Inspiration
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Bedroom Inspiration

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The 10th inspiration is another option for the black and white theme design. This design is for the room with marble floor. The 8th inspiration is on the wooden floor. Besides, it uses the glass slide on the bed left side and it matches perfectly to ...Bedroom ideas - interior solutions
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