Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When I shop, I really try and patronize smaller, non-chain stores. I took the Shop Locally 3/50 Pledge earlier this year and really try to keep my promise. Anthropologie falls somewhere between a national chain store and a local store. With 130 stores world-wide, including a newly opened one on London’s chic Regent Street, they’re far smaller than, say, Walmart.

I have always liked their quirky mix of items and their artistic way of merchandising what’s on offer. Apparently, EVERYTHING in the store is for sale, including the window displays, which at the Soho store, were made of paper and plastic cups!NYC 082Someone had made two life-size (not that I am 100% certain about this) ostriches from pages of books! NYC 068 He was taller than I am, and had the funniest expression on his face. His companion had his head buried in the sand.

NYC 067 NYC 070

Speaking of books, there was the most massive hand-made book laid out on one of the beds on display. It must have measured about 20 x 20 inches. NYC 077The book was full of short poems/rhymes and illustrations. It was really amazing.

As I mentioned, I am quite partial to Anthropologie’s displays, and loved the crossed spoon plate holders. I took a closer look at one, and figured that with a little bit of heavy gauge wire and some solder, I could whip a couple of these up, tout de suite!NYC 066 I thought the initials on these cups were perfectly placed… and no, I didn’t hang them this way!NYC 074 These bowls reminded me of one of Madeline Weinrib’s fabrics – Green Brooke, perhaps? Or maybe an ikat?NYC 072 Another thing I could whip in my copious spare time is this quilt made from old plaid blankets. It was backed with a very soft wool and looked to be very cozy!NYC 079Last, but not least, was this incredible GIANT knitted blanket. I am a knitter and I can not even imagine what size needles you would need to make stitches this large! NYC 080 I knitted a blanket once, it was hot pink mohair and was light as a feather and kept me toasty warm in the cold Welsh winters, springs, summers and falls.