Sunday, October 11, 2009

The combination of Living room Color

Before buying any room decorations and furniture, it would be better if we consider several things first thing is how it will be our living room color? Corresponding room color will make the experience more convinence and comfort.
Here are a few living room design colors: living room with green and warm color combinations.

Red Living room sofa
A green sofa will look more natural if we merge with the yellow curtain and window treatments. We must also censidering of similarity between the color of the couch and floor.
And green, red sofa in our living room is combined with red window treatments, color similarity shoud apply to decorate another room like a lamp, floor and wall.

On this last room design described combinatin natural color decoration every room, we can also combine this natural color with another color, but the important thing is that we should have a dominant color.
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