Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dream Kitchen Design - kitchen makeover

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best ways to add value to your house, as it tends to have a high rate of return on investment. In most cases, it will pay for itself and then some when it's tiime to sell your home. However, remodeling your kitchen is also a very difficult practice with many factors to bear in mind, especially if you’re planning on living in the house and using the kitchen during building construction.
Dream kitchen design - kitchen makeover
The home remodeling process must be carefully planned out to efficiently schedule construction while designed to maximize usage for residents. Follow our step-by-step process to design and remodel your dream kitchen.

design kitchen cabinet and island

Kitchen Designs

Step 1 - Search Online for Pictures of Kitchen Designs

Before you start and call in multiple contractors, do your homework online and you can find many kitchen design layouts online to help you get a feel for what is best for you and the space you have to build. Fortunately, we no longer have to spend long days at expo centers dodging annoying sales people. See how the professionals do it online where you can find thousands of photos of kitchen design layouts to help you find your new kitchen design. Hold onto any pictures you like to show your contractors. Also visit your neighbors who probably have a similar house layout and you may find kitchen design ideas you would of never thought of on your own.

Step 2 - Kitchen Cabinets and Island Design Ideas

A good idea for kitchen remodeling is to maximize on storage for the kitchen cabinet design. Build a plan to eliminate wasted space while utilizing corners with swing-out cookware caddies or lazy Susans. Design enlarged kitchen pantries with pull-out shelves and built-in-dividers. Another smart kitchen design idea is to add extra size to the kitchen island design. We recommend a 36 to 48 inch deep and 36 to 120 inch wide kitchen island . The kitchen island should be at least 48 inches far from surrounding cabinets to allow multiple cooks to get by one another. Moveable kitchen islands are also becoming more and more popular allowing you to accommodate for a kichen full of cooks.

Kitchen DesignKitchen Design

Step 3 - Plan a Budget Kitchen Design

Before you begin construction on your new kitchen, you must figure out how much you have to spend. Do you want a tight budget kitchen design, or a luxurious kitchen? This means planning in advance by reading magazines, visiting showrooms, talk to your friends and neighbors who recently had kitchen remodeling done.
luxurious kitchen - kitchen makeover
No matter how much homework you do, expect the kitchen makeover to cost more than you planned and take longer than you expected. Set in reserve extra funding to ensure the job is done the way you want it and you’re not forced to cook on the grill while waiting for the next paycheck – 15% the original estimate is a safe amount to reserve for kichen renovations.
kitchen remodeling kitchen remodeling

Shop around and get proposal bids for kitchen remodeling from several contractors and be sure to ask lots of questions so you can accurately compare the services provided in each bid and be certain the job specs are the same. Each builder will quote different quality of materials to significantly alter the price or they may miss an important component that will show up in the 15% extra cost at the end. Your cheapest bid is not always the best.