Friday, August 14, 2009

Modern home designs

The transformation of this “mansion” apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo is a great example of adaptation of post-war housing stock into not only affordable but also comfortable accommodation. Mansion apartments are usually very small rented to a single occupant. This apartment is a 400 square feet space with modern minimal environment where owners could not only rest and relax but also work. Internal partitions were demolished to maximize light penetration and provide open-plan living arrangement. Closets and other storage space is hided behind sliding doors. The integrated plant box positioned above cooking area strikes a line of green vegetation across the space. A small changing room serves the bath-shower wet room and contains a bespoke compact vanity unit. The bathroom features natural timber and Hinoki wood which has a relaxing texture. The toilet not only has mat black walls which contrast with almost fully white interior design of this apartment but also features water saving technologies like using re-filtered water.